Saturday, February 6, 2010

Another view of Hungary

It is my turn to write a bit about our adventures here in Pecs! We have been busy working with the Elders on a "Linger Longer" after Angol Ora. Norm and I get to the Branch House early so we can get organized with snacks and something to drink after class. Then Maja arrives and we have our lesson on Hungarian grammar and pronunciation. I quite like learning grammar, Norm quite dislikes it. Maja is a very good teacher and is especially good at getting Norm agitated over long words that are nearly impossible to pronounce. After class we encourage everyone who came to try my latest cookie creation. So far the cookies have been quite a hit. I have been asked to provide receipts for them. The only problem is that I usually have altered original and have no idea exactly what I did. Hungarians do not like a lot of sugar so I only use half the required amount. They really like cinnamon so I always put it in what ever I am making. Then there is the whole cups to grams conversion.
The idea for the linger longer is to give the Elders a chance to meet with the people who come to learn English and interest them in learning about the gospel as well. They love to talk to Norm and I and practice their English as we practice our Hungarian. The Elders have several investigators that started out as English students. We learned at our Zone conference on Thursday that there are over 1000 people a week that come to English class in the country. That means that they are coming into a church building and into contact with the missionaries every week.
We also have an activity on Friday night for the young single adults. Last night it was Sloppy Joe's and ping pong. Maja was excited because she learned about Sloppy Joe's on her mission and loves them. It was a new taste experience for everyone else. The other thing they have never eaten is raw celery. They thought that was really strange but they ate it. We have more non members at the activities than members which is great. Our goal is to have enough young people and enough activities to qualify for recognition as a Center for Young Adults in Pecs. The young adults seem to have a good time and we are hopeful that a Center will become a reality. We are happy to be so busy at last!
We had our first ride on a Hungarian train this week. We went to Zone conference with the Elders. They helped us get our tickets made sure we were on the right train, and walked us from the train station to the Mission home once we got to Budapest. We are grateful that they take such good care of us! The Zone was great. We had good training from President and Sister Baughman and the AP's as well as the Zone leaders. It wonderful to be part of such a enthusiastic group of Missionaries. Elders Recksiek and Hosch were helping me adjust the mini tripod I bought with my new camera so I took this incriminating pictures of them goofing off. Elder Cheney was the pianist for the conference and as always did a great job! Elder Hay was busy translating for our two Hungarian Elders as he is the on of the best Hungarian speakers. Norm is convinced that next time we have to go to Budapest we can make the arrangements and the trip without the help of our "Senior Sitters", I am not so sure.

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