Friday, February 26, 2010

Hungary goes for the Gold

Norm: Feb 27,10 I'd say we had our most successful activity night yet. Our theme was Mini-Olympics. Twelve young single adults attended. Six were branch members and six were investigators. Many new faces which was super. Our kids in the branch are doing a super job of getting their friends involved. We started low key with the Opening Ceremonies game of "Love Thy Neighbor" which allowed our late comers to arrive to make up the competition teams. With the help of the Elders, we had four teams of four each. Each team was identified by colored patches on their back. Then we let the games begin. First event was the Three Man Slalom. Two teams at a time with 3 kids to a pair of skis (Picket fence boards with straps attached). They had to manuever the figure 8 course marked by slolom chairs, but each team had to go in opposite direction. No practice runs allowed. Fun to watch the kids learning he art of cooperation and coordination. Second event was the Biathalon. We used the same figure 8 course, but this time they had to run the course with Hula Hoops around their ankles then stop at a station to throw 3 darts. Any bulls-eyes got their team extra points. Third event was the wild one. The Bobsled Run. We stole a pair of chairs on casters from the Family History room. One team member was the driver sitting in the chair with a pusher behind, going around the figure 8 with the other team in the opposite direction. The whole process reminded me of human bumper cars.
All in all no one was injured, we didn't break any chairs and the chapel remained in tact, and everyone had a BLAST. After scores were tallyed. gold, silver and bronze medals were awarded and all sang the Hungarian national anthem. This was followed by a cool down with lemonade, brownies and ice cream. We will repeat this night next Saturday in Kaposvar, a town 60 km to the north. The real challenge will be that the size of that facility is no larger than an average living room. What next??? Hey Kevin we're running out of ideas. Help!!
PS This is wierd. My program keeps switching my words around. I think it is conforming to Hungarian sentence structure. You may also notice that my English spelling talents are deteriorating as well. I'm not sure thats the fault of the program.

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