Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Last week of February -- Hooray.

I am celebrating the last week of February by nursing a head cold. I will be very happy to see the last of winter. Already we have seen more sun shine and less cold and Gabi told me today that she has seen "ho virág" meaning "snow flower" already. We walked to our district meeting this morning and it was very pleasant after 3 days of being confined to the apartment. In our meeting we split up to do some role play teaching practice. Norm and I taught the 3-5 minuet lesson plan in Hungarian to Elders Hay and Cheney. They were so patient with us and I am sure they could hardly understand what we were trying to say. It was good practice even if we just read our script. Transfer day is next week so I took a picture of our disritrict in case we have changes.

I found that I can buy flowers at Tesco, beautiful tulips and hyacinths for less than $5. So I can indulge my passion for fresh flowers at Church. Maja and Gabi came this morning to take me to the piac where one can get all kinds of fresh vegetables, fruit , and flowers. I was really looking forward to that outing but was not feeling well enough to go with them. I hope they will ask me to go again sometime.

Our work with the Young Single Adults is going well we think. We have had several activities where there have been more non members than members. Last Friday we had a wild game of balloon bashing. We had 2 teams, boys against the girls. I am sorry to say that the girls despite their heroic battle and various bruises, lost 6 to 1. We were lucky enough to find a large electric frying pan at the Metro so I made scones which are close to a Hungarian treat called langos. They eat langos with sour cream, jam, and even mustard. However, they also liked the honey butter and whipped cream.

In March we will be starting a program in Kaposvár that will be every other Saturday night. We are looking forward to working with the young people there. We hope that we will be able to have some combined activities when the weather gets warmer and the days are longer. These activites are needed to help the youth stay connected to the Church and to each other. All new members need to have the feeling of belonging especially as they often have to leave their old lifestyle friends behind. We hope that we are doing some good here and that the Branch here in Pécs will be a little stronger because of our efforts. Our testimonies have grown stronger in serving and we are grateful for the blessing we recieve daily. We appreciate our family and all they are doing to support us here. Thank you for your prayers and love.

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