Saturday, February 6, 2010

"Half Armed Kidnappers"

The Magyarul (Hungarian language) continues to haunt us, and translations to or from English can sometimes be quite unreliable. Within the first weeks of being here I volunteered to print up the Sunday church bulletin. It of course had to be in Hungarian. Well each week corrections were suggested from many sources. Now two months have passed and I still get suggestions of alternate translations or opinions. Heather and I speak at two different branches a month across southern Hungary. Each time we have a different translater. Sometimes a branch member or a young Elder. Sometimes we get to give them a copy of the talk in advance, sometimes not. How our talk is presented to the Hungarian people is and will continue to be a mystery at least to us and maybe to them as well. Last night I had a rather painful discussion with a young man who attends our English classes and our Young Adult Socials. The discussion centered on his unemployment status. When inquired of his skills, I was infomed that he was a mechanic of
"Half Armed Kidnappers" This had me baffled for serveral moments. This was a Hungarian interpritation of ("One Armed Bandits") for Casinos.

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