Monday, February 15, 2010

Norm Feb 15,2010: The Elders baptized a fine young man on Saturday. His name is Andras (Andrew) which by the way is also the name of our latest great-grandson who was born this week. As I watched this new convert come out of the water I pondered upon my own baptism almost 50 years ago when at a similar age. Would this baptism prove as durable as my own? Statistically 2 out of 3 new converts here in Hungary fade away within months of the event.
I recently received a wonderful letter from my nephew Alan Peterson who made a very perceptive statement that these European Saints today have much in common with the early ones in that they too have "Their own Sweetwater to Cross." That is so true and it is not easy for them. These souls with their fragile testimonies face currents of critisism from their friends and family molded from the religious skeptisism and atheism of the communist era. Then there is the quicksand of morality which lacks the sand of the Christian base that is familiar to the rest of us. The whirlpools of addictions that can suck them back into a smoking or drinking habit. An exceedingly high percentage of Hungarians smoke. Not to mention the stuggles of a shallow income of the unemployed where the cost of a bus ticket to come to church can be all that it takes to not reach the shore of activity.
Pesident Baughman, our Mission President at our last Zone Conference made the analogy of judging a diving contest. The Lord will judge, and we too must judge as well, the Hungarian Saints by their "Degree of Difficulty." If it takes more on the job training, perfecting and tollerance, so be it. If some of these new members need a back to cling to, I pray that I am up to that task.

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  1. I really enjoyed your comments. Surely you will be there to "back up" this wonderful man.