Sunday, June 19, 2011

More Treasures of Denmark


Heather: Today is Father's Day so Vida and I decided to take Norm and Kaare to Egeskov Castle a few miles away from Odense. They were not too enthusiastic about the whole idea but they were good sports.  
The castle was built in 1405 and has been continualy inhabited since that time. We even saw the current Countess and her 2 cute children while were there. The castle is beautifully situated and we loved the tour we had.

Interesting roof detail.
Norm and Kaare just dying to check out that castle. The Count was very smart and has catered to the male population by adding a collector car museum. Vida and I had a great time exploring the castle and the grounds. The gardens were lovely. Norm posted the pictures so we have a roof and no flowers! Happy Father's Day guys! Posted by Picasa

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