Sunday, June 19, 2011

Treasures of Denmark

Norm: Danish sculpter Bertel Thorvaldsen created this masterpiece in 1839 and it now stands in the Cathedral of Copenhagen. It was from this original that the Christus that stands in Salt Lake City Temple Square was duplicated.

This pyramid like mound that now stands in a farmers field is one of many scattered across the countryside next to the coast on the north end of Denmarks Fyn Island. Were they dwellings or were they burial mounds?

And who built them? About all that is known for sure is that they date back to about 3000BC. Access to the interior is by a very low stone doorway.

Interior is very dark. Walls and ceilings consist of huge rocks with small flat stones mortered to fill the gaps. Top is mounded with sod. It is fasinating to speculate there function.Posted by Picasa

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