Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Farewell Tears Begin

Heather: Our time here is almost done! Last week we had our last FHE with the Kaposvár Branch and the night before we took Elders Moffett, Braman, Reece, and Rummler for supper at our favorite étterem on  the square. These Elders have worked diligently in this beautiful city and have had several convert baptisms this year. They have worked hard to strengthen the small Branch there with Family Home Evening programs each week. They teach English, and Sunday School classes, and help keep the children entertained during Sacrament Meeting. We loved working with them in our small way. We pray for their success during the rest of their time here and when they return home.

Sunday we spoke for the last time in Komló. I had a hard time speaking and shed more tears when we said good bye. These members are doing their best to keep connected to the Church in this small city. We are so happy to see András faithfully coming and hope that he will become an Elder soon.

Tuesday evening was our last family Family Home Evening program in Pécs. Beatrix, Marci, Veronika, and Hunor were there. I did not know that this was our last visit with Beatrix until the very end when we were saying goodnight. That caught me by surprise and opened the flood gates! We both had a good cry as we said our good byes! This family has a very special place in our hearts as we have watched Marci and Veronika grow in understanding and seen their testimonies of the Gospel grow. We are so proud of them.

Last night was our last visit to Tex Mex Étterem with Elders Payne, Weston, Nielson, and Clark. We had a great meal and talked about our experiences here together. They have and are working very hard here and have several very good people that they are teaching right now. We hope that they will accept baptism before too long! The Branch is blessed by having these missionaries to work with. Elder Clark is going home as well and family is coming to get him next week. They are in for a treat! Tonight will be our last YSA program so there will more tears from me!! Goodbyes are always hard for me but more so here in this place with these dear friends! Posted by Picasa

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  1. We'll miss you and your blogs too,
    Roger and Caroly