Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Big Seven O

Heather: My milestone seventieth birthday was awesome! We celebrated the demise of my sixtieth decade the 12th with a patio party at the wonderful guest house where we are staying. During our tour of the castle district in the afternoon I saw some lovely original water colors of poppies that I coveted very vocally. Norm was quick to take the hints and "surprised' me with this lovely painting. I am laughing because I think it is the first time my hints have actually worked!! These poppies will always remind my of our wonderful time in Pécs!

Krista and Jason stopped at a pastry shop that has catered to the Hapsburg royal family since 1786 and bought the most decadent cakes to share for the party. The dark chocolate one at my elbow was to die for!

The day started out cloudy and cool, but by the late afternoon the sun shone so we ate Krista's and Jason's treats on the patio as the sun set -- perfect!

The 13th we celebrated by taking in the spectacular mountain scenery and exploring Erlebnisburg Castle. I surely felt like I was Queen for a day! In the evening we went to dinner at Sternbrau  a 800 year old inn where Mozart spent many hours composing! Val gave me a lovely silk scarf and she .Lori, Derek and Tawnya really surprised me with gorgeous Swarovski crystal earrings and pendant from Vienna! I am so spoiled!

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