Saturday, June 4, 2011

Water Wars - The Final Frontier

Norm: A huge thunderstorm moved in just hours before our final YSA Activity. By 6:00pm the hail and the lightning had moved on. Till everyone arrived we had them play a little volleyball, badminton and frisbies.

Let the water wars begin. You could almost feel the humidity in the air left from the storm. It was a good night to get wet.

It's customary for The Greenie to start the event with a demonstration for the water baloon relay.

Little Hunor and Kira could not resist the chance at getting wet with the Young Adults. With their presence, an interesting event took place. A group of a half dozen local children of similar age eagerly watched on. With an invitation, they were more than happy to join in the games and crazy antics and the youth were more than happy to play along. Soon a group of curious parents collected on the sidelines. Gabriella and Elder Weston visited with them and rested their concerns, handing out pass-a-long cards in the process. One had been an investigator years ago. All were impressed at the family like atmosphere that they witnessed. We were happy with the event...about a dozen were there to participate and have fun. Only two were members. Posted by Picasa

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