Saturday, October 23, 2010

The 1956 Hungarian Revolution

Norm: Today was a holiday and celebration day for Hungary. A day to remember the initial wedge that was driven into the Soviet captivity and occupation of Hungary referred by the Soviets as "The great example" farms, nationalization, rearmament and forced industrialization that depressed the country to poverty levels of the war years.
Reenactments such as this were replayed today throughout the country. The 1956 Hungarian Revolution was led by Imre Nagy. Outcome was particularly brutal and many where gunned down in the main square in front of the Budapest Parliament building. The revolution then spread throughout the country. Note the hole in the flag with the Hammer and Cycle symbolically removed.
Nagy was executed in 1958 and became the revolutions principle martyr. Some said the revolution was a failure and the Hungarian people were once again the losers. Maybe so, but it did inflict a serious blow to the prestige of the Soviet Union and it is the opinion of many that some harsh regime policies against the people were eventually relaxed.
The presentation by this local dance group was excellent. It was dramatic and particularly moving, bringing Heather and I both to tears.
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