Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mission Impossible???

If you choose to accept this assignment, the entire population of Hungary will deny having ever known you.
Time 1:30 am. Place Pécs Senior Headquarters. Premises invaded by two individuals who's identity we will disavow. "Its too hot.... The street light is too bright... and we can't sleep in the White Knight.....Can we come in....Please"
My new disguise. No one back in Spanish Fork will ever recognize me behind this Hungarian Fajita.
There is absolutely no TRACE as to who this might be And we are not about to give any hints. Fearless District Leader? "NEM TUDOM"
" How many B of M do you think we can pass out with this routine." "I don't know but all your Forints just fell out of your pants"
THIS POST WILL SELF DESTRUCT as soon as the Mission President sees it.
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