Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Castle Crawling "SIKLÓS"

Norm: The Castle at Siklós is just 20 km south of Pécs where we serve. Hills are favorite locations for castles, for defence rather than view. This one is surrounded by a park like pastoral setting. Unfortunately it is under extensive restoration and after two visits we were unable to get beyond the castle wall. More of that wonderful Norwegian grant money at work.
Its construction dates back to the 13th century. It was occupied by the Turks in 1543. They fortified and used it as a significant base for 150 years. After Turkish rule it became the possession of the counts Battyány. The family continued to build it up into a heavily fortified castle.
Within the walls of the fortification is a huge multi storied, four sided structure with open courtyard. Three minarets tower above the houses of the outer wall. The inner castle is surrounded by a high external wall and a maze of moats.

The castle bears the characteristics of almost every period of Hungarian architecture. I love the mix of quarry stone with the natural stone along with the clinker brick.
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  1. Beautiful picutres. They remind me of some castles in Enland and Wales.

  2. stunning castles! and pictures!! you guys seem to be having a grand adventure!