Sunday, October 31, 2010

Autumn Day Trip

Heather: Tuesday was a very pleasant day so we decided to take a short day trip to Órfű and Abaliget 2 small resort towns about 25 km from here. Órfű has three small lakes in a very picturesque valley. As we drove through the town we could see why it is a popular place in the summer -- it even has a water slide! Our next stop was Abaliget where there is a very nice cave that has a small river running through it. We have been in many caves in North America but not one with a river running through so this was a unique experience.

The fall color was just at it's peak and I had to take pictures of every new scene. This is the little lake that the river from the cave runs into. It was a perfectly calm morning and that made fro great reflection pictures. I wish Charlie was with us with his good eye and really good camera! The forest was lovely on both sides of the road. It is too bad that we can only get 4 pictures at a time on our blog!

I had such a good time making Norm stop for every spot of color or interesting views of green fields with islands of waving grass and weeping willows. I love the beautiful country side near the Mecsek mountains. We had a great day together.
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