Sunday, October 31, 2010

Party Week

Heather: Our week started with a celebration of Norm's 70th birthday. Since it was a mile stone event, I decided to have a fun party. All our FHE group was very excited about the idea and Gabi sent invitations out via Facebook in magyarul so Norm did not have a clue. Sunday Maja and Gabi told me to expect about 30 people. Well, that was beyond my expectations and the capacity of our little lakas! But we got busy and prepared for the fun. The buzzer for the down stairs door started to sound at 5:45 and didn't stop until 6:30. Norm could not figure out where everyone was coming from! Gizella brought bubbles and streamers, the Elders brought the birthday crown and root beer. We had a riotous evening! More than half our guests were non members which really pleased us both! We were really overwhelmed by the support and love we felt from our Friends here in Pécs! How blessed we are to be here!
Norm: One of the game highlights at the Kaposvar Branch Halloween party was the mummy wrap. We made sure the Elders were always the victims. Elder Swieger was not entirely comfortable with the idea. Some 25 people attended.
Judging the completed pieces of art. In case you don't recognize any one, they are Elders Johnson, Tracy, Crandall and Mullen.
The winning team. This was a YSA event in Pecs, with about 25 kids having a blast. We also did a balloon relay, cup cake decorating, pumpkin carving with all the pizza you could eat. Fun was had by all.
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