Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hungarian Wedding "A Whole New World"

Norm, Oct 16, 2011: Kővágó Miklós was the First Councillor in the Pécs Branch Presidency. We hated to loose him, especially because I was assigned to take his place, but we are always happy to see the members move on and progress. Blessings started going for him when he recieved a transfer in his job along with a promotion to Budapest. This allowed him to be close to his girl friend Bruck Andrea who lived in Budapest.
Well he popped the question and where married last weekend. In Hungary, church or temple weddings are not recognized by the government. You must first be married at the local Hivatal by an assigned Justice. Church or Temple ceremonies can then follow.
This is the Hivatal which dates back to 1856. It is basically the City Hall or Court House and is very ornate as are most Budapest buildings
Ceremony was much more impressive than we had expected and was not much different than a regular church wedding back in America. Some 100 plus guests and family attended. I believe they are exchanging rings in this photo. Reception followed at the Budapest Stake Center with all the usual trimmings including the growing up slide show. The only thing lacking was the green jello.
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