Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hanging on & Letting go

October 16, 2010; Heather: Our mission here in Hungary is providing us with a wide range of experiences. One of the unexpected opportunities is that of using our old nursery calling skills to entertain the children of our single mothers who wish to attend Institute. here I am playing alagút and híd with Domi, Kira, and Hunor. An alagút is a tunnel and a híd is a bridge. I still have carpet burns on my elbows from squeezing through the tunnel. The kids had fun crawling through the chairs then over them. We also have our TV from the apt to show DVD's on. Domi is 3 very active with a short attention span -- we are challenged to find ways to keep him entertained for 90 minuets! Food works well! We are happy to help the mothers learn more of the Gospel in Institute.

Here we are saying good by to Bettina Fekete just before she leaves on her mission to England. Betti was one of the young single adults that helped to make our YSA programs successful. She also taught Institute in Kaposvár, her dad is the Branch President for that small
Branch even though they live here in Pécs. This family make many sacrifices to help the Church grow here in Hungary. We miss her happy smile and willing help.

The Church gave me some music teaching courses before we left and I have found a very willing and talented student in Veronika. She loves to practice and has learned 3 hymns in about a month. I am hoping that she will be able to play in Church before we leave. Here I am just carried away by her playing!
Gabi is another of our stalwart YSA members. She is a very hard worker and willing helper. She has just moved to England to work there. We were so sorry to have to let go of her! The young people here have a difficult time finding work and they often leave for England or Germany to find jobs. Gabi has a brother that lives in England and she will live with him and his family. Our YSA program struggles as we lose our young people either to Budapest where they go to school or to other countries for work.
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