Monday, December 6, 2010


Norm: Heather says our blog needs some color. How about white and red? We call Pécs here in southern Hungary, the St. George of Hungary. Well its close. Dec. 6 and still no snow and only a little frost so far. Roses are still blooming and some of the trees still have their leaves. However its time to get into the Christmas spirit. The local mall has a snow scene display using a truck load of cotton batting. Wintery yes. Christmasy no. Has a gingerbread house with Hansel and Gretel as well as a sub zero copy of a Cabellas display. Also has many booths within the hallways selling Christmas decorations. However no where in the mall is their anything that resembles Christmas as a celebration of the birth of Jesus.

Today is Mikulás Nap (Santa Claus day) Ho...Ho...Ho.
Heather: Norm has had a great time playing Szent Mikulás the last 3 days. Saturday he and Christof were on duty for the children of the Branch. Here in Hungary Santa is Szent Mikulás and he comes on December Sixth. The parents of the children write letters about their children and discribe how well they behave and whether they deserve a present or whether they get the gold sticks that you can see in Szent Mikulás hand. Each child is called to come and stand before Mikulás while Christof read the letters and gave his OK as to their worthiness to recive a gift. After all the gifts are handed out the children sing a special song for the Szent.    

Christof was an excellent helper and he loved his role as chief elf. He is a fine young man and will be a great missionary some day. Such a cute boy and his Mother says he is an angel as well. 
Posted by PicasaSunday we made a special vist to see Kira because she could not be at the Saturday party. She wasn't sure about Szent Mikulás at first, but when Norm had to take his beard off to eat one of Gabi's delicious treats she overcame her reluctance and was happy to sit on his lap. Tonight he made another appearance at the home of a friend of one of the Branch members who has a little girl. He was afraid his daughter would be sad because she would not get to see Szent Mikulás. Norm was more than happy to make another special appearance. He Ho Hoed all the way to the door and back again which made everyone laugh. Santa only makes this one appearance in Hungary then his role is over in the Christmas traditions. Gifts are brought Christmas Eve by the Baby Jesus. 

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  1. The year we lived in Pecs (winter 1990) we had some frosts but no snow. Our Florida children were so disappointed. Here in Sopron, we have had over 1 foot and there are piles of it everywhere. Parking is impossible because of the snow piled high in the parking spaces.
    Roger and Caroly