Saturday, December 18, 2010

Boxing Day, Alive and Well

Heather. We had a special YSA-YW-YM Branch service project last night. It all came about while discussing ideas for our Christmas activity. We were glad to hear that Dec 26 is recognized as a special holiday. We mentioned that in Canada and Great Britain that day was the traditional day for boxing up food and gifts for those less fortunate and is called Boxing Day. Maja informed us that a similar tradition exists here in Hungary as well. Here shoe boxes are collected and filled with toys and goodies for needy children. This we will do.
The members brought the boxes, toys and games that their chilren no longer used. I thought we would do well to fill ten or twelve boxes, but when we arrived at the branch house, 2 tables were loaded with donations. We were also pleased to have 12 Santas helpers, half of which were non members. Fanyi and Cintha made the cards while Gabi, Sylvia and Iren wrapped. The rest of us sorted gifts and put them in boxes, as Andrea Bocelli provided the Christmas entertainment and ambiance.
Marci, the Elders, Zita, Sandi and George trimmed the tree and decked the halls to look festive for tonights Branch Christmas program.
Here is our industious group with not twelve boxes....but twenty. We were so pleased with the support of the branch and the youth.
Today in the Christmasy snow we will deliver the boxes to the toy store that distributes them to those in need.
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