Thursday, December 16, 2010

New Elder in Pecs

Norm: For those new to this blog , we have a tradition when we get a new Elder, to head for our local Mexican Restraunt so we can sit and get to know him. You may ask. Whats a Mexican Restraunt doing in Southern Hungary? Nem Todum, but its close to the branch house, the staff is great, they speak reasonable English and the food is semi familiar. From left to right: Rollingson Elder, Rollingson Nővér, Gizzella, May Elder (from Alaska), Elders Bennion, Mullen and Galland. We are sorry to see Elder Crandall move on to another area.
May Elder is his replacement and our new "Greenie". This is the end of his first day in the mission field. We're happy to have him here as we are hoping
his presence here will ad some much needed stability to the present missionary group. We will not give names to those above as to protect any family that may check this blog for further light and knowledge as to the well being of their loved ones (should they choose to claim them).
Our Family Home Evening group practice for next weeks carroling in our apartment complex then on to the main town square.
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