Monday, December 20, 2010

Gingerbread Frieberg Temple

Norm: In place of my spiritual presentation for primary this week, I presented to the Pécs Branch Primary children my attempt at creating a gingerbread Frieberg Temple. The kids thought it was great, however the uphoria was short lived. Problem started when we could not find molasses to make gingerbread, so we substituted a plethora of small flour biscuits mortered together with icing. Niether the icing or the biscuits proved to be structuraly sound. Within 24 hours after this picture was taken it started to self distruct. I actually learned the principle years ago to never comprimise on the use of proven building materials.
The temple for the Hungarian Saints is located in Frieberg Germany and was built in what was then East Germany, the only temple to be built behind the Iron Curtain.
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Notice to parents and family of Missionaries serving in Pécs and Káposvar Hungary Budapest Mission. Watch this blog for our Christmas posting. The following missionaries will be spending Christmas with us. Bennion/May/Mullen/Galland/Hosch/Runnels/Miller/Hansen

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  1. That is the coolest faux gingerbread house! Self destruct or not:)