Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tis the Season to be Jolly

Heather: We have enjoyed several activities that have given us a wonderful feeling of Christmas. Tonight we went caroling with the Elders and Maja, Gabi, Kira, Beatrix, Gizella, and Marci. Beatrix brewed some wonderful herb tea that we put in a 12 liter thermos. Then we all trekked to Szénchenyi tér with a pile of Books of Mormon, the tea cups, and our best singing voices. We sang and passed out tea for an hour and the Elders handed out all but one Book of Mormon. Marci and I looked after tea distribution and I had several very nice conversations with folks who were happy to have hot tea. One homeless person was particularly grateful and came for several refills for her friends. She spoke some English and said she was so happy to hear the beautiful music. She even joined in on one of the Hungarian carols. Our feet were cold at the end of the hour but our hearts were warm.
Last Friday the Branch had a special Christmas program. Beatrix worked hard and worried more to get everyone to participate in the Bethlehem as a Nativity program is called here. Little Hunor was quite amazing as he had all his lines memorized. The Christmas story was told in word and song and went without a hitch. It would have been nice to have had more members in the audience, but there were several non members including Hunor's school teacher. Last night we went caroling to our neighbors here in our building. Only three families were home but we had a special vist with the couple above us. They invited us in and fed us wonderful süti on beautiful Zsolnay plates. Even more wonderful the husband brought out his Bible and read us the Christmas story from the second chapter of Luke. We felt the Christmas spirit in their kindness and were happy to have the opportunity to share that spirit with them. We are so enjoying our second Christmas here in Pécs!
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  1. This sounds like the perfect Christmas event! Second Christmas in Pecs, amazing how fast time goes by.